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Sparking moments of pleasure & mindfulness

Chic, eco-friendly candles made with sustainable ingredients and non-toxic fragrances. Our candles bring together art, design, and scent to help create moments of bliss and elevate your everyday living space.

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ASTROLOGY Collection

WOMANKIND Collection

Peace of Mind

Take the guesswork out of finding your perfect match with our Scent Discovery quiz.

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"Huge fan of your line! Love getting home to my candle [Leather + Suede]."

Victoria N.

"[Santal + Spice] a warm, conforting scent which is honestly what I need."

Emily S., Cupcakes & Cashmere

"[Tobacco + Bergamot] smells amazing!!! It lasts so long, it's magical!" 

Cotille D.

"[White Tea + Ginger] is my favorite!! The smell calms me, which is much needed nowadays!"

Lauren K.