Hi there!

I’m Michelle, the owner and creative behind Modern Theory. Thanks so much for your interest in my candle collections! Through Modern Theory, I bring together art, design, and fragrance to spark moments of pleasure and elevate your everyday living spaces.

Every candle is hand-poured with a sustainable apricot coconut blend wax and non-toxic, phthalate-free fragrance oils for a cleaner, more fragrant burn. To offer you extra peace of mind, all of the packaging can be recycled or re-purposed to help reduce our environmental impact. 


Growing up, I loved creating art and making things. But as I got older, that creative spirit began to fade. After spending years earning my PhD in cell biology and working on my first company, I was feeling burnt out and boxed in. I finally decided to make creativity a priority again and started searching for a creative outlet.

Modern Theory became my creative escape and a way for me to combine several things that I really love: Curating memorable scents, designing chic, eco-friendly packaging, and making candles that can be enjoyed by people like you.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting the fruits of my creative journey!