Maintaining the Perfect Flame: Candle Care

Maintaining the Perfect Flame: Candle Care

There's more to lighting a candle than you think. Here are 5 tips on how to maintain your perfect flame:

Always trim your wick to 1/8 - ¼ of an inch before lighting any candle

Burn your candle long enough until it is melted all the way to the rim

Carbon will collect on the wick, making it look like a mushroom

This avoids dust and dirt getting into your candle

Remove any residue or buildup to give your candle a clean look

March 22, 2021 — Michelle Tu
Pisces season: Time for closure

Pisces season: Time for closure

The zodiac is winding down...

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so you may be feeling a sense of things coming full circle. Creative, intuitive Pisces season beckons you to reflect on your past and find closure where you need it.

As a water sign, Pisces taps into your imaginative, spiritual side. It can be an emotional season - but also a time for processing your experiences, healing old wounds, and just letting go.

The Scent of Pisces



Need an escape from reality, Pisces friends? Try this dreamy blend of crisp bergamot, restorative rosemary, and intuition-enhancing lily. The escape lingers on, with creamy notes of vanilla and musk.
February 18, 2021 — Michelle Tu
Self-Love for Beginners: Our Guide to Loving Yourself

Self-Love for Beginners: Our Guide to Loving Yourself

By Jerrimay Deleon


February, the month of love. Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t love others before you love yourself”? Let’s take the time to put ourselves first. How you love yourself is how you show others to love you. You owe yourself the love you give to others.

Here are activities you can do to take care of yourself while enjoying our newest LOVE Candle. Not only will this candle light you up with positivity, it can also be your daily reminder to take care of your mind, body, and soul.

  1. Read: Whether it's your favorite book or self help book.
  2. Clean: (& sanitize, of course!) Your house and reorganize your room.
  3. Journal: Write your future self a letter or something you are grateful for.

  1. Workout: Get your body moving for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Hygiene: Take a bath & throw on a face mask!
  3. Eat: Instead of take out, learn to cook something new.

  1. Unplug: Take a break from Social Media -- We can all use a digital detox!
  2. Treat yourself: Do something you love or buy something you love.
  3. Reconnect: Call someone you haven't talked to in awhile.
February 04, 2021 — Michelle Tu
Reviving Scents to Pair With Your New Year's Resolutions

Reviving Scents to Pair With Your New Year's Resolutions

By Jerrimay Deleon


Happy New Year!

Whether your New Year's Resolutions are to learn a new skill, exercise more, or spend more time with loved ones… We’ve got the scents to help support you!

Here are the most popular New Year’s Resolutions and what candle we would pair it with:


1. Exercise more


From running on the treadmill 
to following youtube pilates,
burn this candle just like how
you will burn those calories.



2. Get Organized


While organizing or 
getting rid of unwanted items, 
let this refreshing smell help 
motivate you to clean.




3. Learn a new skill or hobby

Let this candle keep you motivated on the things that bring you joy.



4. Spend more time with family and friends 


Light this sweet smelling candle 
for the new sweet memories 
2021 has to offer to you 
with your loved ones.


5. Save more and spend less  


May this candle spark 
the homebody in you
to stay at home 
and save more money.


6. Read more


Grab your book,
get cozied up,
and light this candle
for a relaxing atmosphere.



January 13, 2021 — Michelle Tu
Set The Mood

Set The Mood

From cozy to focused, sleepy to sultry, here's how to set the scene for your #currentmood.

productivity Modern Theory candle
Chilling out Modern Theory candle
Cuddle sessions Modern Theory candle
Bed time Modern Theory candle
Setting the mood Modern Theory candle
Self care Modern Theory candle
January 07, 2021 — Michelle Tu
Welcome to Capricorn Season

Welcome to Capricorn Season



This earth sign is serious about getting things done, making Capricorn season the perfect time for taking stock and setting new goals. 

So take some time as the year winds down to get grounded, and set your intentions for the new year!



For goal setters and go getters, a stimulating yet grounding blend of sparkling citrus and velvety smoke. 


December 23, 2020 — Michelle Tu
It's Sagittarius season ...

It's Sagittarius season ...

Ready to party? 

After a tumultuous year, Sagittarius season brings a boost in our mood and our mental strength. Hallelujah! Sag is fun and festive, and as the archer of the zodiac it represents limitless possibilities.



Mahogany + Amber Candle: Comforting, like warm hugs and sunshine




1. Meditate

Amplify Sag's boost to your mental strength by getting quiet and looking inward. Let go of what isn't serving you and embrace life's juicy goodness!

2. Exercise

Sag season rewards us for finding joy and fun in movement. Lean into that runner's high, yogi bliss, or whatever gets you going.

3. Learn Something New

Fill yourself with Sag-style curiousity. Try an online  cooking class, or go ultra-Sag with Yale's free course in happiness.

4. Laugh!

Sagittarius loves to laugh. Pull out your favorite old comedies, check out a comedy livestream, or call up your funniest friend.



(PSST.... you're welcome to shop, but remember Black Friday is coming on, well, Friday.)



Mahogany + Amber Candle: Comforting, like warm hugs and sunshine


vibrant - woody - warm

Well, obviously. Warm, exotic and optimistic, just like your favorite Sag.

Shop Now




sensuous - elegant - smooth

Warm, cozy, and smooth as a perfectly aged bourbon. A cozy companion for long winter nights.

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Tobacco + Bergamot Candle: Earthy; smells like sitting around a bonfire with a glass of bourbon


smoky - luxurious - rich

One of our all time best-sellers, this scent recalls grandpa's favorite armchair and stacks of old books.

Shop Now



After a crazy year and broody Scorpio season (still love you, Scorpios!), I'm so ready for mood-boosting Sag to take us into the holiday season!


Michelle - Founder of Modern Theory

November 23, 2020 — Michelle Tu
Santal + Spice fall

The Best Candle Scents for Fall (that aren't pumpkin spice)


Scents Made for Fall!

When the temperatures start to drop and the leaves begin to turn, all we want to do is curl up with a good book by the fire. 

Fall scents are all about cozy, earthy goodness — crunchy leaves, crisp weather, and cozy nights by the fire.

And while we love pumpkin spice, our favorite ways to bring scent of fall indoors are a little less obvious.

With cozy scents from woody notes (mahogany and sandalwood) to smoke and spice (like tobacco and leather), here are 5 of our favorite scents for fall.


1. Mahogany + Amber


A supple blend of rich woods and spicy amber, this delicious blend is a decadent way to unwind. Light it while you binge watch Emily in Paris … and text your friends about how ridiculous it is that she can afford that apartment.

Shop Mahogany + Amber >>


2. Tobacco + Bergamot

This robust blend of smoke, citrus and floral smells like cozying up by a crackling fireplace on a crisp fall afternoon. Light it after a long day of picking apples in the chilly weather.


Shop Tobacco + Bergamot >>


3. Santal + Spice 


Warm and sultry sandalwood and cardamom make this a perfect scent for relaxing at home. Light it while you tackle that new 1000 piece puzzle.

Shop Santal + Spice >>


4. Leather + Suede

Blanket yourself in the scent of an old favorite leather jacket, layered with warm woods and rich amber for a classic fall scent. Light it while you enjoy a glass of bold red wine by the fire.


Shop Leather + Suede >>


5. Rose + Oud

For a romantic take on fall, try this blend of fragrant rose and mysterious oud. It’s soft and velvety, with hints of clove to warm you from the inside out. Light it while you shop the end-of-season sales online.


Shop Rose + Oud >>


October 14, 2020 — Michelle Tu
It's fall ... officially!

It's fall ... officially!

It's Official! Fall is Here.

Fall has arrived, and with it comes Libra season. Libra is the sign of the scales, and as the temperature starts to drop, it's time to restore some balance to our routines.

Can you feel it? That's you, finding equilibrium this month. Deep breath ... ahhhh.


Balancing Ideas for Libra Season

1. Delete Some Emails

Nothing throws you off balance like 3,472 unread emails. Clean out your brain by clearing out your inbox.

2. Celebrate Art

Libra loves beauty, and many museums now have virtual tours. Have you done the Louvre's yet?

3. Do Some Yoga

Yoga, of course, helps with literal balance -- but it's just as beneficial for balancing your mood.

4. Have a Staycation

A little staycation can restore the harmony in your household and in your brain. Check out our spa day ideas for some inspo.

Shop Michelle's Picks for Fall!



Mahogany + Amber Candle: Comforting, like warm hugs and sunshine

Mahogany + Amber

woody - spicy - smooth

Warm, cozy, and as smooth as a perfectly aged bourbon. A cozy companion for when temperatures start to drop.

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light - airy - fresh

To really lean into harmonious Libra season, light up this breezy scent of fresh jasmine and cotton blossom.

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Tobacco + Bergamot Candle: Earthy; smells like sitting around a bonfire with a glass of bourbon

Tobacco + Bergamot

smoky - mysterious - bright

One of our all time best-sellers, this blend of smoke and citrus is perfect for cozying up under a blanket.

Shop Now


I love the first few weeks of fall. There's something about Libra season that clears my head and restores balance to my routine.

Plus after September, the holidays will be here before we know it! Gah! 


September 26, 2020 — Michelle Tu
What your sign says about you

What your sign says about you

Some people might think astrology is a bunch of baloney (ahem, Virgos). But each of our NEW Astrology Collection scents is inspired by the distinct traits of its zodiac sign. Is yours a fit for your personality?

Shop the New Collection



Brave. Dynamic. Ambitious. Joyful.

Nobody puts Aries in a corner. You barrel through life fearlessly and with an electric joie-de-vivre. To channel your inner fire, take on the world with a blend of focus-enhancing white tea and warming amber.

Shop your scent: Aries candle


APRIL 21 - MAY 20

Cool. Calm. Determined. Dependable.

Take a break, Taurus! Your natural determination means you tend to work yourself into the ground. But you also love to indulge in the finer things in life - so try this blend of crisp bergamot and smoky oud that is surely one of them.

Shop your scent: Taurus candle


MAY 21 - JUNE 20

Witty. Intelligent. Lively. Charming.

Gemini's quick wit and easy charm keep the world on its toes. Try this airy blend of jasmine and cotton blossoms to stimulate your natural intellect and curiosity, with hints of powder and musk that wink at your innate sense of refinement.

Shop your scent: Gemini candle


JUNE 21 - JULY 22

Dreamy. Intuitive. Mysterious. Sensitive.

Picking up everyone else's energies again, Cancer? Try a blend of bergamot and lily to wash them all away. Crisp, citrus-y bergamot casts a protective spell over your home sanctuary, while cleansing rosemary and mystical lily help clear your energetic slate.

Shop your scent: Cancer candle



Brave. Vivacious. Dramatic. Glamorous.

Warm, luxurious and seductive. Am I talking about the candle, or you, Leo? The 2020 Leo season may have been different than you planned, but a candle pairing vibrant white tea and warm amber speaks to your summer soul.

Shop your scent: Leo candle



Analytical. Practical. Perfectionist. Loyal.

Brain filled with lists on lists on lists? Ease out of your head with a clarifying blend of citrusy bergamot and smoky oud to root you back in the earth. Don’t worry, those lists aren't going anywhere.

Shop your scent: Virgo candle



Poetic. Romantic. Enchanting. Fair-minded.

Feeling out of whack, Libra? Try a light and airy scent to restore the balance you love above all things. Our Libra-friendly candle starts with flirty jasmine to delight your inner romantic, while fresh cotton blossoms stimulate your natural intellect and curiosity.

Shop your scent: Libra candle



Ambitious. Intuitive. Mysterious. Complex.

People might be wary of your sting, Scorpio, but you’re really quite sensitive (and imaginative, to boot). Try this blend of citrus and bergamot to excite your ambition, together with clarifying rosemary and mysterious lily that enhance your intuition and clairvoyance. 

Shop your scent: Scorpio candle



Honest. Adventurous. Spiritual. Funny.

Dreaming of far off lands, Sagittarius? Bring the adventure to you with a blend of vibrant white tea and exotic amber. The spice and citrus notes can take you anywhere from the Champs-Élysées to the spice markets of Marrakech.

Shop your scent: Sagittarius candle



Serious. Driven. Patient. Focused.

Lean into your big goals, Capricorn, with a blend of sparkling citrus and mysterious oud. This scent's stimulating yet grounding effects enhance your inner fortitude and tap into that unwavering focus you're famous for.

Shop your scent: Capricorn candle



Bookish. Eccentric. Independent. Progressive.

Head in the clouds again, Aquarius? Get lost in the dreamiest of daydreams with a blend of enchanting jasmine and pure white cotton blossoms.  Soft hints of powder and musk soothe your senses, perfect for getting lost in that incredibly obscure book you’re reading.

Shop your scent: Aquarius candle



Dreamy. Sensitive. Compassionate. Elusive.

Ah Pisces, you are truly too pure for this world! Try a scent with crisp bergamot to excite your natural creativity, but balanced by restorative rosemary and intuition-enhancing lily. This citrusy escape from reality lingers on with dreamy notes of vanilla and musk.

Shop your scent: Pisces candle



I had so much fun creating scents to represent each element. But now the test - does your sign sound like you? Or do you resonate better with another?

Xo, Michelle

PS -- friends with an astrology lover? Share this blog post with them and see what they think.



September 23, 2020 — Michelle Tu
Virgo season

Virgo season

It's "get it done" season.

See how Virgo season helps you manifest big goals.


Decorative image of woman writing in a planner


After a luxurious Leo season, the sun entered Virgo last week. Virgo is an earth sign to Leo's fire, and Virgo season helps us get grounded again after the indulgences of summer.

Leo season had you feeling creative and inspired, but not exactly acting on your goals. Now, Virgo's meticulous energy is here to get you ultra-focused (and into execution mode).


Grounding Ideas for Virgo Season

1. Declutter

Feeling some organizational energy? Take advantage of it and purge a junk drawer (or two). Spring cleaning's got nothing on Virgo season.

2. Restart Your Routines

Virgo season is the perfect time to dust off your day-to-day routines. Adding structure back into your day gives you the focus you need to achieve your goals.

3. Focus on Your Health

After an indulgent August, it feels good to get back into a healthy routine. Yoga is particularly helpful this season for its grounding benefits.

4. Get Out in Nature

Speaking of grounding, the best way to connect to Virgo energy (and earth sign through and through!) is to spend time outdoors.


After a hectic summer, I am so ready for grounded Virgo season! I'm using this time to take a thorough inventory, make sure my books are up-to-date, and plan for the busy holiday season. Plus, I'm finally getting back into a gym routine! And you? How are you making the most of Virgo season?


September 08, 2020 — Michelle Tu
Needing an escape? Bring the hotel to you

Needing an escape? Bring the hotel to you

Want to know the secret that top hotels use to wow you, right from the moment you walk in the door?

They engage all 5 senses.

Think back to the best hotel you’ve ever stayed at. 

Of course as you walked in, you could see the beautiful design of the space. 

But even if you didn’t notice, you probably smelled fresh flowers, greenery, or warm salt air. You heard music that enhanced the atmosphere. Maybe they greeted you with a welcome cocktail, as a first taste of your experience. And then of course, you could touch the luxurious bedding and finishes in your room. 

Top hoteliers don’t just create properties that look good. They carefully consider each and every sensory touchpoint throughout your experience at their hotel.

The great news?

Even though we’re all stuck at home right now, you can use the exact same strategy to create a luxury experience right in your own living room.

Let’s try a “spa day” as an example.

Having a spa day at home can be as simple as running a footbath. It takes all of 5 minutes to fill a basin with warm water for a relaxing soak.

But here’s the trick to a truly transportive experience:

 Don’t just run yourself a foot bath.

Instead, take a few extra moments to engage all 5 senses.

  • Sight: lower the lights
  • Sound: put on the “Spa” station on Spotify
  • Taste: pour a tall glass of cucumber-infused water
  • Touch: lay out your fluffiest towel and thickest lotion (and don’t forget to grab your comfiest bathrobe!)
  • Scent: add some essential oils to your bath, or light a candle with a soothing scent

You’ll feel transported to the spa before your feet even hit the water.

Try it out -- and let me know how it goes!

Xo, Michelle

My picks for your home spa's signature scent

White Tea + Ginger Candle


calm | refreshing | pure

Citrus + Basil Candle


fresh | revitalizing | green

August 05, 2020 — Michelle Tu