Virgo season

Virgo season

It's "get it done" season.

See how Virgo season helps you manifest big goals.


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After a luxurious Leo season, the sun entered Virgo last week. Virgo is an earth sign to Leo's fire, and Virgo season helps us get grounded again after the indulgences of summer.

Leo season had you feeling creative and inspired, but not exactly acting on your goals. Now, Virgo's meticulous energy is here to get you ultra-focused (and into execution mode).


Grounding Ideas for Virgo Season

1. Declutter

Feeling some organizational energy? Take advantage of it and purge a junk drawer (or two). Spring cleaning's got nothing on Virgo season.

2. Restart Your Routines

Virgo season is the perfect time to dust off your day-to-day routines. Adding structure back into your day gives you the focus you need to achieve your goals.

3. Focus on Your Health

After an indulgent August, it feels good to get back into a healthy routine. Yoga is particularly helpful this season for its grounding benefits.

4. Get Out in Nature

Speaking of grounding, the best way to connect to Virgo energy (and earth sign through and through!) is to spend time outdoors.


After a hectic summer, I am so ready for grounded Virgo season! I'm using this time to take a thorough inventory, make sure my books are up-to-date, and plan for the busy holiday season. Plus, I'm finally getting back into a gym routine! And you? How are you making the most of Virgo season?


September 08, 2020 — Michelle Tu